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Which module is best SEO for Drupal?

SEO Drupal module

Which module is best SEO for Drupal?


SEO is being used for websites to end up on higher positions within search engine results. This when searching for relevant and important keywords. The Yoast SEO for Drupal module makes it more easy to optimize your Drupal website for search engines. It has three main parts

1. Focus keyword

The focus keyword is crucial while optimizing website content. It is a specific term or phrase for which you want to end up on a high position. This in search engine results. The module suggests several keywords making it more easy for you to select a better focus keyword.

2. Page Title & Meta description incl. Snippet Preview

Page Title and Meta Description are important elements. They should persuade people to click on your website as a search result. Page Title has a lot of value for SEO purposes. That's also why the Snippet Preview comes in handy. This part of the Yoast SEO for Drupal module shows how both elements would show up in Google. There's only limited space in Google so you will be satisfied to see whether the Page Title and Meta Description you inserted would fit or not.

3. Real time content analysis

After you've inserted the focus keyword, the module will test whether it is used on the most important spots. This gives you real time insight into the quality of your content optimization. It's the most valuable and unique part of the module. You'll get feedback concerning current optimization of the page. It also provides tips how to improve further. No other Drupal module is capable in serving these unique advantages for SEO.

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